Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sun Spots

Sun Spots are basically dark spots intermittently observed across the surface of the sun. There is considerable debate on the actual cause for this phenomena among scientists & technicians and the debate basically rages on unresolved. Quite analogous to the thought processes of men involved in mind numbing desk jobs. Well if U can read this then you have reached the blogspace of a similar advanced-simian entity.

In statistics, Sun Spot data have prominence for being a natural proxy for random processes, which captures the essence of this blogspace. The random thoughts & ideas which zip through the inner labryinths of my mind will be unleashed on the unsuspecting populace through the medium of this blogspace. I hope sharing this insight with the general reader will not have shaken his faith in ideas like freedom of expression, democracy on the internet and abolishment of capital punishment. But on offer for the faithful are ideas which are original, thought provoking, argument inducing and if nothing else...entertaining.


Blogger jaya said...

hate to be like dee dee to dexter but hey that's what big sisters are for. i mean duhhhhh......whatchutalkinabout? actually i know what u talking about, i too have read about that in economics, but why u talking or blogging about it? trying to be cool, dexter?

6:43 AM  

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